Sunday, May 22, 2011

Campfire Blues

I was going to drone on about how I'm a bit bored in gored right now, with Elliott gone, and Dreamy moving. However, I just got a really wonderful email from a former director, and now I'm excited and ready to take the next step in my career. (I know, you all secretly watch my blog to hear about my rl, right? I kid. I kid.)
Lemme talk for a minute about this corset though. I'm not sure this, or any picture can do it justice. It's prim and texture work is AMAZING. I had some issues fitting it over muh belleh, but otherwise it's just perfect dahlink. It took me a bit to find a bottom to go with it (although if you're fine with having your cooter hang out, this corset is good on it's own). 

What I'm Wearing:
Hair - Truth - Tara - Espresso
Corset - RunoRuno - Corsage Beige
Skirt - Knickknack - Mildred working tunic - Brown
Bracelets - GorGurls - Gor gets pinky
Location - Fantasia

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