Thursday, May 26, 2011

One fine day....

I've had a pretty good week. Despite the massive storms that blew through the area last night, we escaped harm!  So here I am with another RunoRuno outfit. I know, you're probably all tired of it, but I can't get enough. I promise I have some other designers coming up too.
I've noticed that it was really easy to pull mainstream designers into Gor fashion during the fall/winter - but I'm having more trouble with the summertime. Maybe I should move back to spotlight on Gor designers. Thoughts?
I still haven't found a place to play yet. Where do you roleplay? Why do you like it?

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Truth - Mylie - Espresso
Tunic - RunoRuno - Boob Job Brown
Bracelets - ::Rush:: Peace! - Bangles
Belt - Fleshtone :: Python Rope Belt - Gold

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