Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion for Life teaser

Dhalia will be released at the ACS Fashion for Life fair. All sales of this color will go directly to the Relay for Life. This gown has a LOT of work. I've been pushing prims on it for over a month. The necklace alone took that long! There are tons of ornate pieces that aren't shown in the picture, I'll try to get a better shot soon.

I don't often participate in charity events in SL, but the American Cancer Society holds a special place in my heart. Many people in my family, including my mother, are cancer survivors. This year, my participation in the Fashion for Life fair holds a special meaning. Since the last time I participated in the fair, I have lost two people to cancer, my grandmother, and my childhood friend, Ryan. 
Also in that time, two more loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer. My uncle has liver cancer, and it has developed to the point where we know he is going to die from it, and my best friend told me two weeks ago he is starting chemotherapy for colon cancer. He is turning 28 this month. 
I am not telling these personal things on my blog to garner any sympathy, but to make people aware that cancer is no longer some disease that soap opera stars are diagnosed with. It's something that is every day, and becoming all too common. 
So please, even if you don't participate in the RFL fashion for life fair, do me one favor - check yourself. Get your yearly exams, do your monthly self exams, take care of yourself and do everything in your power to prevent it. Ya'll mean that much to me, ok?

Susie - aka Sabina and Cora

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