Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Burning Through

This isn't one of my best pictures, so sorry for that. It's been a pretty wretched weekend/week for me. I'm attempting to get back into the swing of things, so please be patient if my posts are sparse and not as great.
I've also been pretty busy with preparing for the Fashion For Life fair. (Formerly known as the RFL Clothing Fair).
I've just about finished one outfit that I have been working on for a month, and as soon as I have teaser photos, you'll see them here. 
A few words about this outfit - The makeup I rarely wear because it cancels out Cora's epicanthic fold. She's supposed to be of Red Hunter descent. I love the eyeshadow so much, I had to feature it. It would look amazing on anyone else. It's so sexy! 
The belt is part of the flute girl outfit at IMP. I've never worn the outfit, I bought it only for the belt. I think I found it during the 25L Tuesday event, which I rarely participate in anymore. I dislike that almost everything in that event has become template carbon copies of things. This belt, however, is obviously not a template, which is why I bought it. 
Now, I know I do buy some things that are template - but I buy the ones that are so heavily modified with the creator's own designs that you can barely tell. That kind of template work, I have no issue with. 
How do you guys feel about template work?

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Exile - Carly - Marble
Makeup - L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Pink/Teal]
Necklace - ::je::suis::africain:: long necklace
Tunic: [frenzy] landgirls Dress
Belt - !IMP! Flute Girl Belt
Pose - [LAP] 40/365
Location - Imperial Ar

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