Tuesday, February 8, 2011

She was a dancer and Cosmetic Challenge

Stiller finally threw down the gauntlet in this post. I've been meaning to blog one of these outfits for a while and just haven't had the time. So you get a two-fer today!

Cora is trained as a dancer. She rarely dances anymore, because 1. She's belted and 2. Her owner is blind (What's the use?) but she is a dancer none the less.
I always imagined dancers wearing outlandish costume type things, to evoke certain responses in what she was dancing that night. Think Gypsy Rose Lee... except perhaps more naked.

"I moved, warming up, preparing my muscles. I was intent, and careful. A dancer, of course, does not simply begin to dance. That can be dangerous. She warms up. It is like an athlete warming up, I suppose. As I warmed up, I could hear the jewelry on me, the tiny sounds of the skirt. Bells, too, marked these movements. I was belled. These I had fastened, in three lines, they fastened on a single thong, about my left ankle. Men, I sensed, somehow, would relish an ornamented woman, perhaps even one who was shamefully belled." ~ Dancer of Gor
Similarly, both these outfits would be good for a display slave, or high slave. Use your imagination!
I want to point out the use of cosmetics. We have a WIDE range of choices now, but so often they aren't used. We *know* that slaves used cosmetics in their favor. Let's see more of it!
In fact, I'll throw down the next challenge - Post an outfit using cosmetics to enhance it. (Remember, free women wore light cosmetics too.) Don't forget to link back!

I adore this for some strange reason. I think it's because even if your owner can't afford to buy jewels and trinkets for you to wear, the idea of a girl slathering herself in paint so she looks done up is one that screams creativity.
Cora would be that girl (and has, in RP). She has a flair for the dramatic though. 

 What I'm wearing:

Picture 1
Makeup - White Widow - Cristal (Free Gift) Gold
Hair - Maitreya Evi II - Charcoal
Jewels - [LeeZu!] BDSM Diamond Addict - Red
Pose - oOo Studio grounded three

Picture 2
Makeup - Son!a Fairy Face Tattoo - Purple (Includes diamonds under eye)
Paint - Boudoir - Painter's Delight - Mermaid
Pose - oOo Studio - sexkitten

Location for both - Rouge Forest

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