Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Margin of Desolation

"We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place, and we'll not fail." - ( Quote Act I, Sc. VII)

Between finishing a show, and starting another, I've had little time for RP. Unfortunately, a whole war has passed me by and I didn't get to take part in it. 
The idea of war in RP is interesting to me. Rarely do we see real consequences of war. What solider in the legions comes home and has a nightmare of slashing a man from navel to chin? How often do we see in play the effects and toll it took on everyone else?
I can understand not wanting to play that out, it is hard, emotional, and potentially damaging to both the characters and our own mental stability, but I wonder still.
I was impressed by the roleplay I read of impaling NPC Tyrosian citizens. You could see the change in focus, when it stopped becoming a playtime friendly game of "slashemup" and the characters took on real personalities. Each and every solider is a son, a father, a brother, a companion, a master, and in theory there is someone waiting at home to see if their love will come back.

The margin of desolation is an area that encircles Ar, where the land and well have been poisoned for pasangs. This makes it difficult for any army to march on Ar, without proper provisions. It was said that during Marlenus' reign, the area was not kept up (meaning things were allowed to grow, etc.). I immediately thought of this area when I was taking this picture. The idea of a barren wasteland, with only a few spry wildflowers, and birds waiting to pick at dead men's bones.

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Truth - Trinity - Espresso
Makeup - Miamai - February Group Gift - Shadow 3
Collar - .oOXanimationsOo. Lost Dina Collar
Stole - Peqe - Mountain Animal Stole
Bracelets - [MANDALA] Takara Bangle Dark Wood
Skirt - Sn@tch - Nightmare Skirt (Red)
Pose -[croire] rapunzel, let down your hair - eyes to balcony
Location - Risk City

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