Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ubara's Ball

Today was the Ubara's ball in Ar.
I have to say, in my years of RP in SL, I am having more fun in Ar than I can remember having in a long time.
Melisande has this whole city running like a well oiled machine. She delegates, works hard, and makes sure everyone right down to the lowliest slave in the city feel like this isn't just where we play... it's home. So, kudos to you.
This ball was also a chance for cute little Cora to dress up. I didn't think she'd even go - I mean, she's owned by an old blind man for goodness sake. But, he said "Dress up. We're going. There is free booze."

What I'm wearing:

Hair - Tukinowaguma (Just search for Tuki) Akiyo - Ebony
Makeup - Maimai - Magick Makeup 5 (Group gift)
Collar & Armbands - B@R (Bare Rose) - Part of the Knots outfit
Silks - * Deviance * - Enchantress (Cream)

Anyway - I think it was a hit. It was fun to dress her up really fancy for once :D I've been eyeing this outfit for a while, and I finally had an RP reason to wear it. 

So AFTER the ball (Great, now I have that song in my head) 
Elliott and I went to take pics of this for the blog, and then decided to do a lil photo shoot. So here you go, my two favorites of the shoot. Ya'll finally get to see my old blind Jarl. 

....Then you have done a braver thing
Than all the Worthies did ; 
And a braver thence will spring, 
Which is, to keep that hid.

So, if I now should utter this, 
Others—because no more 
Such stuff to work upon, there is—
Would love but as before.

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ebediyet said...

Absolute favorite post of yours so far, I really adore the outfit, the scene, the shot. It's just wonderful and perfection.