Monday, January 24, 2011

Mix 'n' Match

Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to get a new outfit that could work for a number of things.
1. Something that would reflect the status Cora has been put in, as a "Display Slave"
2. Something that was versatile so that if she wasn't really on display, it didn't look stupid when she walked into the tavern and served up some paga.

With that in mind, I dragged Elliott all over the place to find things. Poor guy.
I ended up at LeLOOK! and nearly pee'd myself with happiness. SO MANY PRETTIES IN ONE PLACE.
By far the steal of the day was this bodysuit from Hucci. It's only available at LeLOOK!

Of course I couldn't wear just that (although I really wanted to. It's kinda 80's, but the booteh looks really hot in this.) - it's not quite BtB.
Slaves don't wear panties!
I thought about calling it a variation on a Turian Camisk, but gave up and started searching for a skirt to put over it. Elliott suggested the suede skirt parts for pants, and the cloth belt, like so:

Mission partially accomplished. This worked for half of it... but it wasn't quite display slave-ish.
Later, I went shopping with Cae and Elliott... again... and found a new store (Or new to me) Chain and Vine. 
There are some awesome silks there that I'll blog later, but I saw this skirt and knew it would be perfect...
So, with a simple change of the bottom bits, I have an outfit that fits both requirements, and is really cute.

What I'm wearing -
Look 1
Bodysuit - Hucci Circolo Bodysuit - Nude LeLook! Exclusive
Hair - Clawtooth by Clawtooth - Beg Your Pardon - Black Beauty

Look 2
Same bodysuit
Belt - Miel - Lia Dress - Belt in Pancho
Pants - "anuenue. Suede Skirts (brown)

Look 3
Same as above
Skirt - Chain and Vine - Summerdoll 2

Also, I've been chatting with some of the other gorean bloggers about doing something like a themed blogger challenge. What do you guys think? Send your notes or comments to Cora Moonstone.

Happy Shopping!

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