Monday, January 17, 2011


I've been slacking, I know.. but for good reason! My internet was out the ENTIRE weekend. Today it's thankfully up, and I even logged in to a pleasant surprise. 
I got a notecard from a gal wanting some ideas for how to dress a tahari slave. First instinct would be to say something like tribal bellydance outfits and chalwar, no?
Well, the challenge here is that she's wanting something for day-to-day stuff. 
Besides - I *hate hate hate* how so many gals will wear dancing silks to do laundry in. Yagottabekiddingme. You don't have to be raggedy if you don't want to, but I'm pretty sure Mastah Big Pants isn't going to appreciate having his well spent money ruined by your cooking chores. Options baby! Options!

I of course, immediately went shopping and found some things. I do so love a challenge.

So first look - which I think I'm going to steal for Cora because it's so CUTE.

This little number is a find. A GOLDEN find, mind you, because not only is it textured beautifully and sculpted well, it's CHEAP. That's right ladies, you too, can own this outfit for....
wait for it....

About 100$.
/me dies.
What I'm wearing: 
Hair - Maireya - Evi II - Charcoal
Shirt - RunoRuno - Stole - Red (RunoRuno is created by Jojorunoo Runo)
Skirt/Necklace - RunoRuno - Patent Skirt - White

So my thought for this was that a tahari slave would be wearing things that are somewhat gypsy-ish. Longer skirts, loose fabrics in either dark or light colors, all airy and breathable. 

Look 2: (Where I'm tardulous and cut off the top of my head in the photo)

So the opposite here. Still loose and flowing, but darker colors for the heat - The best part about this top? It has an option to lower the top and show your tatas! 

Shirt - RunoRuno - When I'm with You
Skirt - RunoRuno - Simple Skirt - Espresso

And what tahari blog post would be complete without mentioning Zaara? That is the motherloade of all arabian clothing. Some of it is quite fancy, others can be dressed down. I picked this little number as a good midway. It's not worn or tattered, but it's not super fancy dancing silks either.

Outfit -
Zaara - Xacuti - *burnt yellow - olive*

So there you are, Aerin, I hope this is what you were looking for. If you want more, let me know... I've already got a few ideas!

And for everyone else - Feel free to send a note requesting looks to Cora Moonstone.

<3 Happy Shopping


Lore said...

I love you!
I mean, your blog! And your fantasy fashion finds!
*is going straight to RunoRuno*
Please keep up the awesomeness. (:

Sabina Takakura said...

hahah you can love me too, it's fine!

Thank you, and thanks again for the idea! I've got more coming up for that :D