Friday, November 23, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!!
I know, I've been slacking in the work department.
I think it's the change of weather, but every time I start a project, I can't seem to finish it. I have about three sets of silks that are half done.

Not to mention, in role-play, Treve is doing really well. Most of my time has been devoted to it, and it's citizens. I don't mind it much, most who know me know I don't work in RL, so Treve, and of course the Elements shop has become my job.

So Lexi has been bugging me to make free women's gowns. I've been trying for ages, and I just couldn't do it. There is just so much fabric!! Everything I did either came out ugly or looked too busy. I couldn't find a good balance of color and design.
Treve has just finished a war with Port Kar. We won of course :P
But, during all of this, I thought about those fierce pirates and captains of Kar. Some of which are women. If I were a captain, I'd totally wear this.

And of course, today is Thanksgiving. I woke up late, and by the time I got to my mother's house everyone was ready to eat. The meal was fantastic, and my sisters were there with their children.
The highlight of my day was holding my three month old niece, and seeing her smile. (She just figured out how.)
She giggled (more like drooled) and grinned when I tickled her.
There is just no greater joy than holding a happy baby.
When I got out to my car to leave, my sister asked about the business and said she'd been checking my blog, but hadn't seen anything.
So of course, I got to work, and here is the result.. named after my niece.. Ayla.

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Soap Mogul said...

aww! that is awesome!