Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This was FUN to make.
I always read other designers blogs and they always say that. "This was so much fun to make" I never understood what they meant until this set.

For the very first time, I made something completely from scratch.
Usually, I get an idea in my head about what to make, then look for fabric swatches in stores in SL or on the net.
From that, I paint it in, and add embellishments. (wrinkles, jewels etc)
Not this one.
I promised myself that someday, someday I would learn to make it all by myself.. and I did.
For my birthday my mother got me some books on photoshop, specifically painting and creating fabrics. I couldn't wait to try it out, to see what would happen and well, here you go.

I made this set for a few reasons. I've been really into everything greek lately. Not only that, I'm so tired of every silk I see being a bikini top and some prims over your bottom. So, I thought about Sirens. In truth, they screamed, but their voices were so sweet to men's ears, they couldn't help but listen.
Again with the greek theme, I've been renamed Helen of Treve. I seem to have the tendency to start wars. *ducks*

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