Friday, December 16, 2011

The Crone

So in Westeros (The land that the Song of Ice and Fire is based in) there is a religion called "The Faith of the Seven."
Each one of the Seven gods and godesses lords over a certain aspect, that sort of makes up humanity. In my current RP - I've sent a knight on a quest to learn and experience each of those seven aspects. He requested to begin with The Crone.

I didn't realize it until after the RP began, but my character, a Princess, sent a knight on a holy quest. A bit cliche, but I'm actually quite excited about this RP. 
Anyway - The Crone is the Goddess of Wisdom and Guidance. Often depicted as having a lantern to help light the way. After I put this outfit together, I realized how crone-ish it seemed, so felt I should go ahead and blog it for ya'll. Maybe I'll do all seven. 

What I'm wearing:
Hair Flower - MOOD Pearle Blossom Headpiece - Bordeaux
Hair - CaTwA - Suzan - Espresso
Earrings - MONS - Indi - Silver (TDR Item)
Dress/Bangles - Emotions - Enya

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