Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before the storm..

I actually hadn't intended to use this picture, because the angle came out strange... but after last night's roleplay, in which Syedra ended up mostly under water, I felt like I had to. It's a memory now, a picture of Maia on the docks, that will (at least in roleplay) be forever swallowed by the sea. Her outfit is perfect for it now. It's opulent, extravagant, with clear skies in the background.

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Tukinowaguma - Ariana - Ebony
Necklaces - Mandala - Kabuki Necklace 1 &2
Top - Aoharu - Scarf Vest - Leo Orange
Makeup - YS & YS Imperio Sky Makeup
Skirt - Fantasia - Nadia Wrap Cream
Bracelets - Mandala - Kabuki Bracelet RYO-GU Blue
Sandals - SLink - Achillia Gladiators Tan
Chain belt - JA - Chain belt Gold

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