Monday, June 13, 2011

The Keep

I'm having issues thinking up creative blog post names. Meh.
Also, Mandala is having a sale on the marketplace (I dunno if it's in the store) some of their stuff is pretty cheap.
Excuse the kinda crappy pic. For some reason my graphics card decided to troll me today. What's with the alien eyes?!

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Truth - Rei- Espresso
Top - RunoRuno - Teetee
Skirt - Graceful Threads - Braided
Jewelry - Mandala - Milky Way bangles


Poppy said...

Sometimes that thing happens with eyes when you use shadows on Phoenix viewer, just depends on the angle if it shows or not.

I haven't had it since I started using Kirsten's for shadows but I do get an odd line down the screen which seems to happen to some of my friends too, pretty damn frustrating >.<

Sabina Takakura said...

Yeah, I noticed that about Phoenix, so I started using Kristen's. I don't get the line anymore since I turned my anti-alias down, but I randomly got those eyes. Weird.
I actually think it may have had to do with the lighting inside the place I was taking the pic - it doesn't happen outside.