Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sassy Comeback

I'm back! Macbeth took a lot more time and energy than anticipated, so I took a two month break from SL. Directly after it closed, I had a three week tour with Romeo and Juliet, so needless to say I was busy.
Now that I'm home and somewhat Shakespeare-free (I'm working on Taming of the Shrew next!) I thought I'd start blogging a bit.

Some of you may know, the play Macbeth is cursed. I didn't quite believe it going in, but I do now. By the end of the run, I had sprained my ankle, severely sprained my wrist (I start physical therapy on it tomorrow), broke my nose, got a minor concussion, and several bruises all over my body. I wasn't even one of the characters that does combat. 
Because of these injuries, my time on a computer is limited to how long I can go before my wrist starts hurting so badly that I need barbiturates and a glass of wine just to maintain an air of civility. 
On top of this - AR CLOSED! The day I got back, I logged in and seconds later we got the notice. Maybe it's just me that is cursed. 
So now I'm somewhat homeless. Oh well. More time to shop, right? Right.

What I'm wearing:
Hair - [e] Wish - Black 4
Necklace - [glow] studio - fat chain & feathers
Bracelets - [MANDARA] Takara Bangle dark wood -A (Will I ever get tired of these? No.)
Tunic - MEES Corsetwrap - Purple (I have no idea when I got this, but it was in my inventory. Possibly on one of my aforementioned meds/wine trips)
Wrap - Fantasia - Fripperty Skirt - Blue (was at the gatcha for FFL)
Brand - ViGo - Dina


ebediyet said...

I love your photos, and I hope you feel better soon as that I can keep cyber stalking your blog!

Poppy said...

Welcome back :-)

Hope your wrist gets better soon - missed your posts.

Sabina Takakura said...

<3 You guise.
I hope you know that even when I didn't have time to blog or come on SL, I still stalked you both!