Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Store, New Blog

If you haven't heard, Elements has now merged with Fantasia. You can still find all the same fun designs I make, only they'll be listed along with Dream Resistance's awesome stuff. You can follow that blog here: Fantasia Blog
Same landmarks as before, just a slightly more streamlined look!
You can find the store here: Fantasia

So what to do with this blog? I don't want to take it down, and I'm horrible about updating it anyway, so why not use it as a fashion blog when I feel up to it? I love playing dressup with my avies, and as Dream calls it, it's "Research" So here you go, my look today -

What I'm wearing:

Poncho - **DP**yumyum: fur poncho/brown
Dress - MIEL Dandy Skirt - Plum
Top - MIEL Dandy Top - Plum
Hair - Maitreya Evi II - Charcoal
Shoes - Part of the Dark Confessor Outfit by Caverna Obscura

Happy shopping!

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