Friday, December 17, 2010


"The slaves were now warmly garmented, though not, of course, as might have been free women. The robes of concealment in winter are much like those of gentler weathers, save for darker colors, more absorptive of, and retentive of, heat, heavier materials, some additional layering, and such. In the case of the slave, a short, long-sleeved jacket, coming high on the hips, its length resembling that of a slave tunic, is worn over an undershirt. They are also put in trousers, belted with binding fiber. Whereas in the case of the free woman her legs are concealed within her enclosing garmenture, in the case of the slave, even in the winter, it is clear, however warmly they may be clothed, that she has legs, and that this is to be obvious to the scrutiny of men. The wrappings of the legs and calves is wool, over which leather is wrapped. The last garment is a warm, hooded cloak, which may be held closely about the body. Her face is commonly bared, except in severe weather, and, in any case, there is no mistaking her status, given her garmenture...Their collars, of course, even in the winter, are kept on the slaves. They remain collared. They are slaves." -CH. 37, Swordsmen of Gor

That's right, Slaves can wear pants!!!!
So here we are, enough to keep you toasty warm, but still shows plenty of skin and your shapely figure to boot.

Gigi is a three piece outfit. The top is made up of two knits in contrasting colors, a cable knit and the standard ribbed knit. The excess fabric drapes off the back and over the collar, and there is even a belt made up of the ribbed knit, to add a little flair.
Under this, are a pair of warm leather pants, worn down and wrinkled and sure to keep your knees from getting funky from all that kneeling on the cold ground.

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