Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mask

I had lacked an identity. Perhaps we all did.
Roles and masks made do for identities, for realities.
We were all told we were real, of course, but when we inquired as to what we were, we were met with evasive answers; I suppose we were just supposed to know; when we went to touch those supposed realities, our hands passed right through them.
They weren't really there.
If they were truly us, then we, to, were not really there.
We knew we were real somehow, beyond the masks, the roles.
Not everyone wants to disappear behind a mask, or even to hide behind one.
It seemed we were all waiting.
Young, we were supposed to wait.
Reality was around the corner.
Existence and truth must be postponed another day.
And so we waited.
Distracted ourselves with sweets and lies.

But where was the end of this?
Were the older ones real either?
Could it be that the older ones, too, were waiting?
Were they embarrassed to admit this?
Were the parents real?
Had they learned, in their longer lives, secrets they refused to reveal?

It is a terrible thing to look behind a mask and see nothing.
The masks can be voracious.

How many scream, trapped within a mask?
How many do not scream, unaware they have become the mask, that now there is nothing left but the mask?

What Sabina is wearing:
Hair - Tuki - Reija Ebony
Crown - LaGyo - Stars Crown
Gown - Paper Couture - Silk Gypsy (Long train can be seen in first photo)
Undershirt/Gloves - Arwen's Creations - FW Basic Modesy set
Mask - Illusions
Poses - oOo Studio - 1940's Revlon - ethereal four
Location - Fantasia

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