Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Training Day

Elyra had been told countless times what her duties were - keeping the kingdom safe. Keeping it well run. But how could she keep it safe if she had not seen battle? The simple answer was - find a trusted adviser. What she soon found was that most men would not listen to her. They were content to pat her on the head and continue on their way. Why should they not? She had never once seen battle. She was even poorly trained in weaponry.
And so, and opportunity arose to break that - to not only witness battle (although safely behind the lines) but to learn weaponry. Her lessons began today, where all she did for hours was learn to swing the sword properly. 
Elyra has never been more sore in her entire life. 

What I'm wearing:
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Anais 2
Diadem - MONS - Hippie Chain Headband
Blouse - Mon Tissu So Boho Blouse - Bown
Corset - Innoc - Capella Corset (brown)
Pants - *Deviance* Mistress (Brown)
Bracers - D&A Nakomi Black 
Dagger - Egyptian Stinger
Sword - Spiked Gladius

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