Sunday, April 26, 2009


Gettin back into my groove here. I just moved back to Illinois from California, so I will hopefully have plenty of time to expand my line. The first part I'm working on is getting more gowns out.
So here.. is Ella.

Syngen, my good friend and creator of Sakinah and I were chatting while I made this. I sent her a pic and said "Look, I've made a princess gown." She laughed and said I should name it Ella, from Ella Enchanted. So I did!

It's made of soft silk duiponi, gold brocade, sweeping swags of fabric and to top it all off.. a scarf on the head as well as a crown. I got that idea from the costumes of Atia from HBO's Rome.
Hope you like it, it's my best one yet!

And here is the RFL recolor! Available in my main store.

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