Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been slackin in updating this blog, I know!

So the fantastic 4 and I (Dream from Fantasia, Delora from Haven, and Talyn from Analise) were goofing off as usual, when we tossed the idea around about making something fun.. something that might not be usable in roleplay, but first and foremost.. something fun for ME to make.

Here in the Bay, there is a huge rockabilly culture. Car shows, pencil skirts, red lipstick and pompadours abound. I've also been watching the movie "Cry Baby" by John Waters quite a bit. It inspired me to do something pinup-esque.

So here you have.. Bloom.
I'm so proud of my work here. I can skim over this blog and amaze myself in how far I've gotten with my skills. It took me nearly three years, but I've done it. All of this is hand painted!
I hope you like it as much as I liked making it.

And as always - until the RFL is over, an exclusive recolor. Drop in any of my stores to find it in a vendor.

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